brighteggBrightegg is a powerful web-based Content Management System (CMS) designed to give our clients an easy way to manage and update their websites. With Brightegg, it’s a snap to add and manage all content, images, navigation, upload PDF, Word and PowerPoint presentations and add smart forms to collect data. Moreover, it comes with a full blogging system, secure client pages, administrative controls, google analytics as well as a handful of other features to help grow your online presence.

Brightegg Features List

One-Click Design Change
You can change the entire design of your website using our one-click design change feature. How? Simply give us a new design and we’ll get it up on the platform for you to make the change with the click of one button.
Build For Custom Design Integration
Brightegg is flexible and specifically built to work with sophisticated, professional website designs. Design how you want and our system works with the design you provide us.
Customizable Components
Easily customize your website by adding your logo, slogan, site information (meta tags), company contact information, contact form and footer information in one easy to maintain area.
Website Builder / Manager
Our website builder / manager is our crown jewel, allowing you and your company the ability to build, manage and market your website. You will have virtually complete control over your website, with the ability to add and manage content, layout, images, video, users, forms and much, much more.
Administrative Controls
Administrative Controls are where you control the behind-the-scenes operations of your site. For example, you can add editors, change settings, site information and much more. Plus, you control what areas of the site your editors have access to, making it quite powerful.
Multiple Editors
Editors are provided a username and password and given permissions to make changes to your website.
Integrated Full Website Search
Brightegg comes with a built-in search feature so that your visitors never have a bad experience on your website and can always find what they’re looking for, each and every time.
One Step Publishing
One step publishing allows you to publish new and existing pages in seconds. This allows you to create URLs to give friends over AIM or email quickly and effectively, all from an interface specifically designed for quick publishing.
Forms Builder/Capture Leads
Easily add dynamic forms to your website to capture leads and collect information from your site visitors. Our forms builder is smart and extremely flexible, allowing for creation of forms via a graphical interface. Collected form data can be submitted to an email address, a dedicated database or both.
Automatic Site Structuring
Our dynamic layout handles the presentation, including the navigation. Clients have complete control over the site structure and can easily make changes using a drag and drop feature.
Built In Blog
Take advantage of our blogging platform and create a new blog in minutes. The best part is your blog will look and function seamlessly with your website, making updates, RSS feeds and building your own online community a cinch.
Google Traffic Statistics
Google offers the best in website statistics and provides a number of advanced features. Whether you just want to know how many visitors are coming to your site or want to run an advanced marketing campaign, Google Analytics is perfect and integrated with Brightegg.
RSS Publishing
When you post content to the pages on your site, Brightegg makes it easy to syndicate that content for news readers. Create unlimited RSS feeds and keep your audience up-to-date on your latest news and product announcements. Of course your blog will also have it’s own RSS feed.
Dedicated Customer Database
Our clients are given a dedicated database for storing vital prospect and client data gathered from your website using our form builder feature. This data can be easily exported for effective email-marketing campaigns.
Secure Client Access
Create a secure, private area that only your clients can access. Can also be used to password protect individual pages throughout your website.