If You're Legit, Stop the SPAM

Posted: 3.23.2009

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In today’s fast-paced, twitter-crazed period, there are still those companies that insist on sending SPAM. But worse than pure SPAM is an endless stream of SPAM that’s hard to stop because the company is using a new email address “From” each time they send a new SPAM message out.

Let’s take an organization like Fairfield County Public Relations Association, Inc. You would think that they would know better or have a better understanding of how an organization can hurt their brand considerably by engaging in questionable business and marketing practices (aka: SPAM).  Fairfield County Public Relations Association, Inc., or FCPRA, continues to send me SPAM now on a consistent basis. If I mark their emails as SPAM, it doesn’t stop the next one from landing in my inbox because they use a new email from address each time.

The amazing thing is I’m not even a good target for them. More importantly, I never gave them permission to send me email. This is quite common, but what’s really amazing is they have decided to take SPAM to the next level and use various email addresses to get past the blacklisting. This means they really have no understanding of marketing or building a relationship with a potential prospect.

Ironically, the SPAM they are sending is for a conference about “answers to important questions for PR and corporate communications practitioners.” Classic, isn’t it?

Legitimate companies don’t have to rely on SPAM  or know better.  The best email marketing campaigns are still those that use permission and practice permission-based marketing.