Build a Better Landing Page

Posted: 1.09.2009

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It’s amazing how many companies and advertisers use Google Ad Words, then direct their traffic to a lame, useless homepage that doesn’t capture the visitor’s attention or help convert him or her into a viable lead or sale. What is a landing page you ask? It’s a customized web page that visitors are pushed to, either directly or from a link (see example). Land pages should be focused and capture a visitor’s attention by offering a particular product or service that aims to convert him or her into a sale or take some form of action that will ultimately lead to a sale. So, let’s look at some bad examples followed by some good ones. In the below example, we focused on the key word “windows” from Google Ad Word visitors.

The bad, lame and just-plan-ugly landing pages:

  • Example one:
  • The main problem is the user is taken to the company’s homepage and supposed to figure out where to go next. There’s no call to action; no form to fill out or even a pricing guide. And while design is not as important, it can have an impact on the brand and say a lot about a company. In this case, the design is old looking and doesn’t represent the company well. Moreover, the messaging is weak and doesn’t effectively provide actionable steps or incentives that could help the user make a better choice.

  • Example two
  • Where do I start? This company doesn’t even take you to a page that looks like it has anything to do with windows, although they mention it in the ad. The main messaging focuses on aluminum products, so users are instantly just confused and left wondering why they were even brought to this page. Like the example above, there is no call to action or focused messaging intended to convert the user. How about at least some images of windows, links to windows and pricing?  The design is not helping their cause either.

The good, effective and attractive landing pages:

  • Example one:
  • This is a landing page, not just a webpage or homepage. Notice how there’s limited navigation or links to click on. The main call to action is a short questionnaire on the right side to help narrow down the visitor’s choices and push him or her to submit a form. The look and feel is inviting and the messaging clean and informative.

All good landing pages have first and foremost, a call to action that is targeted to a specific audience. Often times, the call to action can be a free offering or a free download or something that entices the visitor. If you’re selling a product, that’s your call to action. Good landing pages are streamlined and targeted directly to match the visitors’ expectations. If a user clicks on replacement windows, don’t take them to a page that shows doors and windows and other products. Take them to a customized landing page. Good landing pages look professional, clean and free of links that could potentially take your visitors away from the page. Good landing pages use short, effective copy writing that either asks or answers questions, like: “Are you tired of paying big money for car insurance?” or “Save 50% on these quality shoes – purchase today!”

Well, that’s a nice little synopsis. I could go on but there are already tons of great articles on the subject. See below and good luck.